Amir Antivirus

Portable antivirus for USB

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Services Amirsac

If you have virus problems, network, etc. You can acquire the services of Amirsac, so also you will help fill the base of the antivirus while improving with each update virus.

Technical Support (Peru)

In this way we eliminate the virus from PC, while we get to remove it in the next update of Amir Antivirus.

Servers (Peru)

Most viruses attack the servers of companies, we help take care of while we get the virus to remove it in the next update of Amir Antivirus.

Networking - Connectivity (Peru)

You need to implement a network ?, we handle it with their respective security.

Web Development (Global)

We develop your website to measure, with the latest technologies.

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About Amir antivirus

Free, portable and noncommercial use.

* Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. *

* Amir antivirus is focused only remove viruses that spread via removable drives, the best companion when your regular antivirus can not help you. *

* Amir antivirus not installation required, just download and run. *

* Amir antivirus not only removes viruses from your USB, also eliminates viruses the PC, as long as its virus database is current, retrieves your hidden files from your removable drives (USB, hard disk, etc). *

* Amir antivirus also clean junk files from the PC and Vaccine option prevents what the virus from running automatically when inserting a removable drive. *

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Amir Antivirus

Portable antivirus for USB

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